Curcumin Dosage

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Curcumin Dosage

What is a right curcumin dosage? Dosage is simply defined in Webster as the exact number of drugs to be taken in treating certain ailments. Overdosing a pill likely creates unwanted side effects adding only another problem to a problem or worse it sometimes may lead to death. Professionals often remind people not to consume any form of drugs without consultation to physicians. Thus, even curcumin could not be taken by self- medication despite of the many factual documents of its healing ability.

Curcumin is considered as one of the most potent botanical medicines in modern generation. Its healing power originates thousands of years ago from our Ancient fellows who use curcumin not just in their dishes but also in formulation to alternative drugs. Curcumin is a member of ginger family with scientific name, zingiberaceae. This is an active ingredient in Indian spice turmeric and is responsible to its bright yellow color.

Curcumin is fully loaded with chemical compounds such as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial which are said to prevent manipulation of free radicals in the body system. When properly taken, it even treats disease miraculously. Curcumin is taken at a dosage depending on a certain disease likewise our body is distinct from each other and should consider age, height and weight.

Actually, there are no certain facts to prove on how much curcumin must be taken daily and no study to show on its proper usage. However, to keep safe experts suggest that a minimum of 500 mg per day of curcumin capsule is enough to boost healthy body condition. And consuming 3.6 grams or four grams per day can detect levels in the blood.

According to researchers, a 500 mg to 1200 mg or 12 grams of dosage is safe and effective and assures no side effects to occur even nausea or headache because they found out that curcumin is poorly soluble and the body finds difficulty absorbing the supplement. Hence, taking high dosage with physician’s advice is appropriate.

People who are diagnosed with cancer are treated at a dose of .45 grams to 3.6 grams per day for four months. Colon cancer patients can take 36 to 180 mg per day. Based on clinical trials in Taiwan, cancer patients can start consuming 500 mg of capsules daily for three months while increasing the dose when tolerated.

There is no such minimum dose of curcumin to consume but it was recommended that 400 mg to 600 mg taken three times a day can eliminate harmful toxins out of the body while keeping cells healthy and strong. But maximum amount of turmeric powder can be used by combining it with soup, vegetable, curry and other dishes.

Curcumin is generated at high quality by certain manufacturers such as Vitacost, Life Extension, NOW Foods, Prime, Spring Valley and Advanced Dynamic at affordable and discounted prices especially when ordered through online shops.

Determining exact curcumin dosage is a problem that researcher needs to prove in treating specific diseases. We must be aware that it is a need for curcumin to enter our bloodstream to cleanse the body from free radicals; this means that long period of the pill intake is recommended. People must understand that how much curcumin to take is not a problem at all as clinical research shows it is more important to determine how much amount the body can tolerate curcumin absorption.

In the end, it is necessary for people to seek help from medical professionals before consuming curcumin. Just like other supplements, this is prohibited to used by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers or when one is taking other medications, undergoing surgery or planning to get pregnant to avoid interactions.